Weekly and Annual Teen Events

  • *Due to COVID-19 most youth events have been suspended at this time.  
  • Sunday Morning Bible Study
  • Wednesday Night Activities
  • Monthly Youth Activities
  • NCO District Youth Events
    • Teen Quizzing (September-May)- Virtual!
    •  Slam Dunks and Slices ( @ MVNU)
    • BLAST ( @ Wooster Naz)
  • Friday Night Fall Hang Outs:
    • Suspended at this time
  • Fundraiser: 
    • None scheduled at this time
  • Teen Hang Outs:
    • TBD
  • If you would like more information regarding Virtual Quizzing, or Youth Programs in general, please Click Here to email the Church Office.

Youth ministry

Parkside Youth Ministry focuses to engage youth in learning Christ’s Biblical teachings in fun and interactive ways throughout the week and year.


“We will tell the next generation the

praiseworthy deeds of the Lord.”

Psalm 78:4