What is it that drives us as a church?


Here’s the answer to a few questions that can help answer this question:


Why do we exist?

We exist to be an extension of the heart and mission of Jesus.


What are we called to do?

The Vision of Parkside Nazarene is to bring the hope and healing of Jesus to all people, at all times, through all means.


What is our model?

Our model is not a “what,” but rather a “who.” We strive to understand who Jesus is and how Jesus lives so that we can do our best to model Him: His heart, His behavior, His focus.


How do we get to know Jesus?

WE READ AND PREACH FROM THE BIBLE: We read the Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John – because they tell us the story of Jesus and how He lived. We read the rest of the New Testament because we find in these accounts lessons from those who knew Jesus. We read the Bible as a whole – Old Testament and New Testament – because the Bible helps us understand God.

WE UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF PRAYER: Prayer is a time when we let God know what’s on our mind. But we’ve also discovered that prayer is a time when God talks back to us. NO, we don’t hear audible voices. We sense God’s impressions on our heart. Those impressions give us answers to our prayers, but they also reveal to us God’s character and heart.

WE MEET TOGETHER: We do this because when we get together we learn from one another. What one person has learned well, perhaps another person is still trying to figure out. We grow by being genuine, by encouraging each other, and by picking each other up when we don’t quite get it right. WE’RE FAMILY.

WE WELCOME OTHERS: It is in welcoming others that we get to practice Jesus’ amazing ability to love everyone. Jesus didn’t expect anyone He met to have everything figured out; and He never judged people. Instead, Jesus engaged with whomever He met and attempted to breath life and hope into their lives. It is in welcoming others that we learn the hospitality of Jesus. 



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